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We imagine a future where everybody, no matter who they are or where they come from, is valued for their unique selves. We want to create a community where people feel accepted and appreciated, and where working together and personal growth are encouraged to benefit everyone. We believe in using our collective experiences and commitment to help others develop and thrive. We know every young person has the potential to grow and do great things. We're committed to sharing our experiences and resources to make sure everyone can achieve their full potential and contribute to a diverse and team-oriented world.

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We create a nurturing and safe space for people to feel valued and heard. Using dance, movement, and creative outlets, our company, and collaborators facilitate classes, projects, workshops, and programs aimed at building individual skills, emotional intelligence, and character. By focusing on creative outlets such as dance, we seek to build confidence, break down barriers, and highlight the benefits of creativity and movement on both mental and physical health.

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Teamwork, collaboration, and self-evaluation are the core of our ethos. Our team are dedicated to lifelong learning, personal growth, and promoting an inclusive future drawn from our own lived experiences. Our aim is not only individual development but also to enhance community cohesion. We ensure a safe, positive, and fair environment for all, irrespective of their background or abilities. Our approach places each person at the centre, offering them the opportunity to perform, create, contribute and grow as individuals and as a team.

EDI Pledge

Diamondz Dance is committed to actively championing equality, diversity, and inclusion. We do this by treating people as individuals and respecting differences. We are committed to ongoing consultation, monitoring and reviewing of our practice to ensure equality, diversity and inclusivity throughout our offer.

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