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The unexpected flash mob in the town centre of Spalding, Lincolnshire had a hugely positive impact on the local community. With around over 200 people, of all ages, coming together to support or express themselves through dance, the atmosphere was charged with joy and excitement.

The energy of the flash mob brought the whole town alive and reminded the locals of the power of joy and unity. It will undoubtedly live long in the memories of everyone who experienced it and its impact will help to pave the way for an equally impactful return of the Flower Parade.

Stephen Timewell  (organiser of the Flower Parade) & volunteers raised over £200 in programme sales & donations. 
"I have never witnessed community spirit so strong as that of my home town" - Stephen Timewell

A group of Diamondz School of Dance dancers put together a piece in collaboration with Callum Brazzo to perform at True Motion 2023.

The piece represented that dance is a universal language, and its impact spans generations. The spoken word piece is about empowering those that think differently through the language of movement, and the visual representation of the autistic pride flag, to show the common humanity we share.

Dancers, Abbi & Callum put this piece together in approximately 4hours and we were successfully chosen by the panel to be apart of the regional shortlist. We hope the message of this spreads far & wide as it’s something we are extremely passionate about 🥰



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