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Dancing Our Way to Unity: An Insight into Diamondz Inferno- How a Community Dance Show Brings People Together

Updated: Feb 19

Boys and girls watching and copying their dance teachers who are performing on a stage.
Tech Rehearsal Warm Up

In February 2023, our dance school took on the ambitious project of Unify through Creativity (1), a show that broke boundaries and changed perceptions through the universal language of dance. Little did we know, the journey ahead would be far more enriching than any of us could have imagined. Instead of striving to outdo our previous efforts, we decided to infuse our next project with an essential ingredient: fun. Inspired by the disco beats of Disco Inferno, which we celebrated at our beloved teacher Kinzi Stokes' 21st birthday, we embarked on creating Diamondz Inferno, a collaboration with Amber Sinclair, Freddie McDonald, Rock School Bus Youth Band (2) and the immensely talented poet & artist, Callum Brazzo (3).

The planning phase saw us meticulously selecting songs, deciding on choreography, and, importantly, ensuring every member felt empowered to shine in a safe and fun environment. The total expense came to just below £6,000—a figure that speaks volumes about the rising costs of events. Navigating these financial waters could easily be a topic for an entire blog post on its own (which I'll spare you from today). Our appreciation goes out to our show sponsors FT Autocentre, Adults Move Lincolnshire (4), and S.M. Kent Roofing & General Building for their support. The struggle to remain within our financial limits truly showcases the dedication behind the scenes, which involves a wide range of tasks from securing the venue to implementing safeguarding measures. As a community-focused organisation, finding private funding is notably challenging, particularly when 'community' groups are often not acknowledged for their contributions in the same manner as 'professional' groups—a thought worthy of a deeper discussion in a future blog post.

A group of men and women posing for a team photo.
Staff, Collaborators & Volunteers

By October 2023, our rehearsals for Diamondz Inferno were in full swing. Despite losing two valued members of our teaching staff to performance roles between October 2023-January 2024 Lucy Howitt (Butlins) and Kinzi Stokes (Alton Towers, Polar Express & Dean Park resorts), their departure only fortified our team's resolve, proving that challenges often lead to even stronger teamwork.


Our approach to dance is rooted in inclusivity; we recognise not everyone can commit to intensive training schedules. Hence, we offer both recreational and performance-focused classes, ensuring each student, regardless of their availability, has a chance to partake in the magic of dance.

Young boys & girls posing for a photo holding guitars and drum sticks.
Rock School Bus Youth Bands

Feedback from parents and students during this period highlighted the profound impact of dance in their lives, from fostering incredible friendships to becoming a source of confidence and joy. As one parent beautifully put it, their child found a second family within our community—a sentiment that fuels our passion and commitment to this art form.


Post-show reviews poured in, praising the hard work, focus, and sheer energy of every participant. From parents enjoying the show multiple times to students expressing their growth and newfound love for dance, the feedback was unanimously positive. The sense of achievement and community spirit was palpable, making every sweat-soaked rehearsal and challenging moment utterly worthwhile.

What’s next for us? We're excited to welcome new members to our family, focusing on honing dance techniques across various styles. It’s an open invitation to join a community that champions empowering everyone to shine, providing a safe and fun environment while overcoming challenges through teamwork.

Female youth dancers posing for a photo with blue and pink pom poms.
Senior Cheer

As we reflect on the success of Diamondz Inferno, we're reminded of the transformative power of dance in building strong, inclusive communities. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone involved—students, parents, staff, and collaborators. Here’s to many more years of dancing, learning, and growing together.


To catch a glimpse of the unforgettable moments from Diamondz Inferno order your high-quality film from danceshowfilming (5) and order your photographs from George Parish Photography (6).

If you want to learn more about joining our vibrant community.

Remember, dance is more than just movements; it's a pathway to expressing ourselves, building connections, and fostering an inclusive community where everyone is encouraged to shine.

Join us on this incredible journey.

Young females wearing colourful t-shirts and jeans, holding colourful scarfs.
Senior Musical Theatre


Extra mentions:

Programme photography

Sound and Lighting - David Mitchell & assistant Vanessa

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