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"Not just a dance school, a safe place for students and staff to get together and do what they love! To make memories that will last a lifetime. Most importantly learning new skills and growing as dancers in a safe environment with friends. I will never forget my wonderful journey at Diamondz School of Dance and the lessons that I have been taught, I will carry with me to the very end"

"My daughter has been attending dance classes over the past year. The staff are so patient and kind and the classes are ideal for a range experience. My daughter loves it and her confidence has grown so much with their support"

"I decided to start dance and it is the best place ever, everyone is so nice and they will do it at the pace that is best for you"


"My granddaughter goes three times a week to Diamondz and she absolutely loves it! It's a friendly and welcoming school which is felt from the minute you walk in"

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